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Chimp Haven is located in Keithville, La. Chillaxin’ chimps: 17 research apes appreciate their golden years Chimps have long been useful for biomedical study – but where do each goes when they’re older? A retirement house of their very own NIH originally planned to send out 10 to the Shreveport-region sanctuary and the others elsewhere. Officials say several groupings now are raising money and donating to the growth of Chimp Haven. As of November 2011, the facility had 132 chimps, a lot of which had chronic medical issues from years of biomedical study. Some were contaminated with HIV, polio and malaria. About half the chimps can move within weeks, but new enclosures should be built for the rest. The Humane Society of america is giving $500,000 for the expansion.#3 There are higher improvements in balance, coordination, and stability. In studies comparing floor crunches to ball crunches, researchers discovered that the abdominal muscles proved helpful harder during crunches on the ball. Some of this is due to the increased range of motion through the spine when you perform crunches on an exercise ball. If you are lying on to the floor, your backbone flattens out which decreases the range of movement of the workout slightly. However, when you perform abdominal crunches on a ball, your hips are extended and your back is somewhat extended which leads to greater flexibility and increased muscle work.