2nd Annual Best Practice in Clinical Site Selection &amp.

This event shall be unique because various other events are all looking at the same wide, big picture, overall, general, top-down, approach to improving clinical functionality. The difference with this event is definitely that the conference will be looking specifically at best practice at the individual site level and what you can do to maximize quality, increase affected individual recruitment and retention and save time at each solitary site.‘The rapid issuance of this important US patent and our demonstration this afternoon at Potential Leaders reinforces Acetylon’s placement as a innovator in the development of selective HDAC inhibitors.’ ‘Obtaining U.S. Patent security for ACY-1215 is a significant step for Acetylon as the business continues to explore the use of this medication in the treatment of multiple myeloma,’ stated John H. Van Duzer, Ph.D., Vice President of Chemistry and Manufacturing for Acetylon.