Abaxis completes acquisition of QCR & Trio Diagnostics Abaxis.

We welcome the highly motivated and experienced QCR & Trio employees as new members of the Abaxis group and we anticipate a strengthened operational framework. We believe that in a complex market environment, this acquisition allows us to communicate the excellent quality and efficiency of Abaxis' vet items to the full advantage of our upcoming and existing customers.’ Clint Severson, president and chief executive officer of Abaxis, Inc., commented, ‘We are pleased to have completed this acquisition. Through the years QCR & Trio Diagnostics is a trusted partner and it produced strategic sense to integrate them directly into the Abaxis group to drive even greater efficiencies in extending our brand in to the veterinary marketplace in Europe.When you have figures like 12 million Us citizens, it appears like a complete great deal – – and it is a lot. It represents about 5 % of the outpatient encounters. Obtaining 95 % right end up being good on a educational school history test, he notes, but it’s not sufficient for medicine, particularly when lives are in stake. More from Morning Rounds with Dr. LaPook For the paper, the experts analyzed data from three prior research related to diagnosis and follow-up visits. One of the scholarly research examined the prices of misdiagnosis in main care settings, while two of the studies looked at the prices of colorectal and lung cancer screenings and subsequent diagnoses.