ABX203 can be a therapeutic vaccine composed of 2 recombinant proteins from HBV.

ABIVAX doses first patient in ABX203 Phase IIb/III trial for treatment of chronic hepatitis B ABIVAX, a clinical stage biotech company developing and commercialising anti-viral compounds and individual vaccines, today announced that it has dosed in New Zealand the first individual in a Stage IIb/III clinical trial of ABX203 which is occurring in a number of countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The study is designed to assess whether ABX203 can deliver a significant improvement in the treating persistent hepatitis B via controlling viral load for a much longer period of period in comparison with current treatment plans. ABX203 can be a therapeutic vaccine composed of 2 recombinant proteins from HBV, the top antigen and the nucleocapsid structure How does acyclovir work in the body? .

This phase 3 study is financed.. AB Science initiates recruitment in masitinib phase 3 research in severe persistent asthma AB Science SA , a pharmaceutical business specialising in the extensive research, development and commercialisation of proteins kinase inhibitors , announced today the recruitment of the initial patient in the phase 3 research evaluating masitinib in severe persistent asthma. That is a global, multicenter, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2-parallel groupings, Phase 3 research to evaluate the efficacy and the security of masitinib at 6 mg/kg/time versus placebo in the treating patients with Severe Persistent Asthma treated with oral corticosteroids. The trial will enroll approximately 300 patients, across 60 centres around the global world, randomised with a ratio 2 to at least one 1 between your masitinib and placebo.