ACRO releases declaration on World Heart Day The Association of Clinical Study Organizations.

Walter Schmidt responses: Our Alzheimer’s vaccination program is progressing extremely positively. Two vaccine candidates, AD02 and AD01, demonstrated satisfactory basic safety and tolerability profiles in phase I clinical trials and AD02 was already moved forward into clinical stage II for efficacy tests. Now we have opened the pathway to alternate vaccine applicants such as Advertisement03 and we are delighted that GSK awarded this accomplishment by exercising its related option. We welcome the chance to extend and further strengthen the collaboration between the two companies. With AD03, the third of the candidates, AFFiRiS additionally targets modified beta-amyloid peptides with their different toxicity profiles in human beings putatively. Remarkably, AFFiRiS recently announced that its preclinical system for the development of a Parkinson vaccine has been awarded with considerable financing by the US-based Michael J.Basic Research Translational and Fellowship grant applications will post at the ABTA site, in the Research Progress section, by October15th. Applications for these awards are due no afterwards than January 8, 2010.

Common Shoulder Injury Heals Well Without Surgery: Study: – THURSDAY, Oct. 22, 2015 – – A common shoulder damage that is usually repaired with medical procedures can heal just as well with nonsurgical treatment, a new study suggests. And, the researchers added, those who decide against medical procedures for a dislocated shoulder joint develop fewer complications and make contact with work sooner. But, medical procedures patients seem more satisfied with the appearance of their shoulder after treatment.