ADHD research finds genes tied to disorder: Now what?

ADHD research finds genes tied to disorder: Now what? A fresh gene study may provide answers for what can cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder , probably the most common behavior disorders among children follow this link . PICTURES: Does your son or daughter really have ADHD? 17 what to first rule out Researchers say they’ve identified variants in four genes involved in so-called ‘mind signaling pathways,’ and those variants may unlock clues on how to treat the disorder. For the study – released in the Dec. 4 issue of Nature Genetics – researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia analyzed the complete genomes of 1 1,000 kids with ADHD, weighed against those of 4,100 kids without ADHD.

ADHD in Children Medical diagnosis and Tests The evaluation of a young child suspected of having ADHD is multidisciplinary, involving comprehensive medical, developmental, educational, and psychosocial evaluations. Interviewing parents and the individual along with contact with the individual`s teacher is crucial. Investigation regarding the family history for behavioral and/or social problems is helpful. While direct person-to-person get in touch with is considered vital first of a study, follow-up studies may be guided by comparing standardized questionnaires completed ahead of intervention and after medicine, behavioral therapy, or other treatment approaches.