Adult stem cells play zero role in insulin production Diabetes researchers.

Adult stem cells play zero role in insulin production Diabetes researchers, investigating how the physical body materials itself with insulin, discovered to their surprise that adult stem cells, that they expected to play a crucial role along the way, were nowhere found. Many researchers had proposed that adult stem cells develop into insulin-producing cells, known as beta cells, in the pancreas. Rather, the beta cells themselves divide, although slowly, to replenish their own population . Ultimately, if diabetes researchers learn to control insulin production, we can better treat individuals who now can’t generate insulin–kids and adults with type 1 diabetes, said research leader Jake A.

When dopamine is released, it is broken down into homovanillic acid , which may be readily measured from an example of cerebrospinal liquid . The researchers found that the much less HVA present in a monkey’s CSF, the less impulse control that monkey demonstrated. This finding may be the first time a relationship between this dopamine impulsivity and metabolite provides been documented, and signifies that there surely is a biological correlation associated with the alterations in impulse control seen in the monkeys exposed to cocaine in the womb.