AgeneBios HOPE4MCI Phase 3 trial receives support from NIH AgeneBio.

AgeneBio’s HOPE4MCI Phase 3 trial receives support from NIH AgeneBio, a biopharmaceutical organization developing innovative therapeutics for unserved individuals battling neurodegeneration, announced today that its Wish4MCI Phase 3 clinical trial has received support from the National Institutes of Wellness . The five-year, estimated $7.5 million grant initiates a public-private partnership among the NIH's National Institute on Aging, Johns Hopkins University, and AgeneBio to study AGB101 and its own potential to prevent or delay the starting point of Alzheimer's dementia .

UltraSEEK assays can assess up to 10 genetic loci per well, making UltraSEEK the only multiplex methodology for sensitive evaluation of liquid biopsies. Labs that purchase the MassARRAY 24-Well Program can, as screening volumes expand, update the instrument to support 96 – or 384-well platforms for elevated throughput. The MassARRAY program is research only use. The U.S.. Agena releases MassARRAY 24-Well System for mass spectrometry-based genetic testing Agena Bioscience today released the MassARRAY 24-Good System for mass spectrometry-based genetic analysis, increasing its existing MassARRAY portfolio. The new 24-well format is tailored to smaller scientific testing laboratories needing modest sample throughput, reduced initial hardware costs, and reduced period to result.