AMA urges doctors to contact their U.

Senators to voice support for a patient safety bill The AMA urges all physicians to contact their U.S. Senators to voice their support for an individual safety bill that the Senate is normally expected to act on shortly. The homely house passed this legislation by a wide margin in 2002. S. 720 would create a system in which health care professionals and institutions would talk about and analyze information about health care errors to avoid similar incidents. The bill would establish a voluntary reporting program where doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers could report info on errors to Affected person Safety Agencies that could confidentially collect and analyze the information.Adherence improves long-term performance of exercise therapy in OA patients Individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip who stick to the recommended house physical therapy exercises and physically active lifestyle knowledge more improvement in discomfort, physical function, and self-perceived impact according to a report from researchers in HOLLAND. Research also demonstrates maintenance of workout behavior and physically energetic life-style after discharge of physical therapy increases the long-term effectiveness of workout therapy in patients with knee or hip OA.