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We reported strong growth in the homecare services business this year and we expect to see this development continue with new contract wins identical to Redbridge. I anticipate continuing this momentum and updating our shareholders as we proceed.’.. Allied Healthcare secures contract to deliver home care services Allied Health care International Inc. as you of six companies within Redbridge, a borough of London with a population of 250,000. This award, in August 2009 that was secured, is Allied’s first contract with Redbridge and happens to be in its execution stage in preparation for the contract start in November 2009. Allied shall use its London East branch to services the contract. Penetrating the London marketplace has been one of our goals and we are making great progress securing long-term contract wins in your community.Abortion of female fetuses in northern India outcomes in gender imbalance Modern ultrasound technology and financial pressure leads to female fetuses in the Ballabgarh region of northern India being aborted more regularly than male fetuses. Additionally, girls up to age five die more often than boys, which outcomes in a gender imbalance in the region, regarding to Anand Krishnan, MD and doctoral applicant at Ume – University, who defends his thesis on 11 October. Anand Krishnan has completed work on the dissertation in an area called Ballabgarh Health insurance and Demographic Surveillance Program Site in northern India, about 40 kilometers from the capital of New Delhi.