Bowel cancer is believed to cause over 16.

However, it could be treated and in this article I will be outlining three of the very most effective colorectal cancer treatments. 1) SURGERY: – This is one of the most popular colon cancer treatments especially if the cancer is still in the first stages. The purpose of surgery is to remove the cancerous cells from the bowel. Generally, the relative side effects of colorectal cancer surgery are minimal. You may experience some discomfort or eating complications post surgery but this generally goes away completely a few days following the surgery. However, in some full cases cancer of the colon surgery will lead to more significant unwanted effects such as bleeding, sexual complications and the necessity for a permanent colostomy .Data are representative of three independent experiments.Full size imageWe verified these results by movement cytometry. In HEK293 cells expressing WT, 32.5 percent were corin-positive on the surface . On the other hand, just 7.7 and 6.4 percent, respectively, were corin-positive in cells expressing the insA variant and the Met-30 isoform .Subcellular Localization of insA VariantWe next examined the intracellular distribution of the variant by immunostaining. In HEK293 cells expressing WT, predominant corin staining was on the cell surface area . Such staining was absent in vector-transfected cells. In cells expressing the insA variant, corin staining was more prominent intracellularly.