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‘Continued research into the biology of adult stem cells will assist in the knowledge of how cancers originate and develop and may lead to possible brand-new therapies for treating intense, currently incurable brain tumors,’ said Dr. Parada. Malignant astrocytoma, or glioma, is one of the most common types of human brain tumor in adults. The tumors are thought to occur from glial cells, which are non-nerve cells offering support and nutrition to cells of the nervous system. Because these incurable cancers are not detected until they are advanced generally, when symptoms have started to develop, scientists have been unsure where, or what, initiates the process of uncontrolled cell replication that leads to the forming of the tumors.A handheld digital gadget that incorporates a PVT measure to assemble data on sleep and activity, including a voice recording for evidence of fatigue, will be demonstrated also. These devices was used recently to get an FAA investigation of exhaustion in flight attendants.

A Deeper CONSIDER Autism Study as New Avenues START Autism may begin when the changes in the brain structure and function of a child result from modified neuronal development, reports a study in the September 7th edition of Brain Research Journal.