CORONARY ATTACK Shouldnt End Your Sex Existence: MONDAY.

CORONARY ATTACK Shouldn’t End Your Sex Existence: – MONDAY, Sept. 21, 2015 – – If you have had a heart attack, you don’t have to avoid sex for concern with having another one, researchers report visit . Many people who’ve had a coronary attack worry that too much exercise could trigger a repeat event. But after reviewing data collected on 536 heart disease patients between the age groups of 30 and 70, the researchers found sex requires about the same amount of exertion as climbing two flights of stairs or going for a brisk walk. The patients completed questionnaires about their sexual activity. In the entire months before their heart attack, nearly 15 % didn’t have sex during this time, almost 5 % had sex less than once per month, about twenty five % had sex significantly less than once a week, and 55 % had sex at least one time weekly.

The higher middle-income countries included in the study were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Poland, South Turkey and Africa. The low middle-income countries were China and Colombia, and the low-income countries represented in the scholarly study were India and Zimbabwe. Overall, the study involved almost 115,000 adults aged 35 to 70. Of these participants, 11 % had been from high-income countries, 21 % were from an top middle-income nation, 43 % were from a lesser middle-income country and 25 % were from a low-income country. Current drinking was reported by 31 % of the participants during a median follow-up period of slightly more than four years. The study discovered that current drinking was connected with a 24 % drop in the chance for heart attack, but there was no decline in the chance of stroke or death.