Fu-Ren Zhang.

From medical information, we determined the scientific subtype of the condition, whether there was a family group history of leprosy, and the age at onset of disease. The controls did not have a history of leprosy, autoimmune, or systemic disorders or a grouped genealogy of leprosy . Patients and handles self-reported their age, sex, and ethnic group on a questionnaire. All participants reported that they were free of infection by M. Tuberculosis and chronic contamination by other agents .The remaining patient, who received placebo, acquired a myocardial infarction. Of the 6 individuals in the eltrombopag group who had a portal-vein thrombosis, 5 experienced the event when the platelet count was higher than 200,000 per cubic millimeter . An association between platelet counts of 200,000 per cubic millimeter or higher and an increased risk of thrombotic occasions was identified in a post hoc evaluation. The median time to onset after the first dosage of study medicine was 21.5 days . Non-e of the events happened during therapy; the median period to onset after the last dosage was 8.5 times .