Groundbreaking and beach party to benefit the Grommet Island park project a first of its kind.

Thompson is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , and his family made a decision to do something about the lack of beach access for all those like him. With the help of friends and community partners such as AMERIGROUP, JT’s Grommet Island Beach Park was born. Located just off the Boardwalk , the project will include a park and cutting edge play structure with ‘all-ability-friendly’ equipment. Imagine a recreation area where children and adults with disabilities have got the ‘capability’ to experience the sun, sand and surf just as those without disabilities perform. That is the vision behind JT’s Grommet Island Park and Playground for everyone, said John E. Littel, Chairman of the AMERIGROUP Foundation. The AMERIGROUP Foundation donated $100,000 to aid in the building of the Oceanside Recreation area and for the ALS Association.Androgen deprivation, whether by castration or estrogen alternative therapy, will certainly reduce the mail libido and cause impotency in the entire case of castration. A prostatectomy, among other side effects, has been proven to cause impotence in 60 percent of sufferers, and incontinence in 39 percent of patients. It really is for these reasons, then, that an alternative treatment for prostate cancer should be considered if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate cancers is particular in that its cancers cells grow at an extremely slow rate. This implies that alternative remedies for prostate cancer are not only viable but could possibly be preferable. So what are these alternative remedies? The most significant factors are your life style and diet. Some studies show that diet only has caused prostate malignancy in patients, due to unhealthy food selection.