Improve diet and physical activity.

‘The price and availability of healthy foods, opportunities and incentives for regular physical activity in colleges and communities, advertising content, along with the availability of insurance plan for screening assessments and treatment for tobacco addiction all influence individual options. Improved collaboration among authorities agencies, private companies, non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, policy makers, and the American general public can result in continued improvements, and even more favorable trends that decrease the threat of death from cancer and other chronic illnesses.’..With 55 % of the risk for dementia due to Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia, these findings underscore the therapeutic essential for developing fresh pharmacologic and other means of avoiding or delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body disease, says Dr. Montine. However the unexpected discovering that a third of the risk for dementia is related to little vessel disease also has an additional reason to control hypertension and diabetes: not only to protect cardiovascular and renal health but also to protect the health of the brain.

Yanlin Zhao, Ph.D., Shaofa Xu, M.D., Lixia Wang, M.S., Daniel P.