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Historically, it do not participate in a date, but have their waiting times calculated by the most recent date offered. These are known as self – deferred cases and are included in the total waiting time.. This publication contains waiting list information on patients waiting for treatment for treatment either as a day case or ordinary admission are. It does not: – received patients as emergency – outpatients – patients a planned program of treatment eg a series of shots for the chemotherapy – expectant mothers booked for confinement – patients that already in the hospital, but also contain other waitlists – patients who temporarily suspended from waiting lists for social reasons or because they are known not medically ready for treatment – begins delays chosen from the time the doctor the patients the patient.

These violations are the 281 the 281 waiting over 9 months. An investigation waiting list management is based on the trust and the department expects that all waiting longer than the target of 9 months to end September 2004 will be on show.

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