It is surely among the important ones.

Alarmingly raised %age of newlywed couples need sex counseling in Bangalore Relationship counselors and sex psychologists are of the opinion that sex is not the critical most facet of happy marriage. However, it is surely among the important ones . Experts say a majority of couples face issues with sexual behavior. Especially, in a nation like India where sex continues to be a taboo, the %age of unhappy lovers is quite high. A variety of other problems make the entire life miserable for newlywed couples. Infrequent sex , unusual sex behavior, awe for a sexual relationship are to mention a few.

There are also practical limitations including access to clinical care settings, few resources for treatment, and poorly developed healthcare infrastructure to support chronic and acute treatment. However, despite these grave problems, the consequences of doing nothing at all are dire. Through her extensive diabetes field function in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Dr. Hawkins has noticed many different types of diabetes including a mysterious and under-recognized form – one that is associated with starvation and malnutrition. People on the ground, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and India, say they are seeing many more instances of diabetes among youthful and lean individuals compared to 20 years ago, stated Dr.