Late last year.

Late last year, the Governor asked state department and plan heads to post proposed 2008 budgets including across the board cuts of 10 percent noopept original . The Governor should rather seek cost savings by reducing bureaucracy and getting rid of the abundance of corporate and tax-avoidance loopholes in the condition rather than make an effort to balance the spending budget on the backs of California’s most vulnerable citizens.1 billion, of which $368.9 million is from General Fund. Of all the operating offices and departments under the DPH, the State Workplace of AIDS receives the biggest share of financing from the General Fund. The General Fund decrease proposed in the CDPH budget can be $26 million . This overall budget represents a $246.2 million decrease from the revised 2007-08 budget, like the $26 million General Fund reduction, which $11 million is certainly to come from AIDS services Of the $11 million cut, $7 million is to result from the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Plan , which assists low-income Californians obtain lifesaving Helps medicines.