OTHERS Flu Vaccines Help Shield Seniors.

OTHER’S Flu Vaccines Help Shield Seniors, Too: Study: – THURSDAY, Sept http://viagra-danmark.net/de-store-fordele-ved-cialis-til-bodybuilding.html . 10, 2015 – – Getting a flu vaccine doesn’t simply protect you – – it may also help older people in your community avoid the miserable illness, new research says. Higher flu vaccination prices for young and middle-aged adults appear to lower the risk of flu among the elderly. That’s essential because seniors possess a larger risk for significant flu-related complications, the researchers said. ‘Our findings suggest that flu vaccination should be motivated among low-risk adults not only because of their own benefit, but also for the benefit of higher-risk adults in their community, such as the elderly,’ study author Glen Taksler, a Cleveland Clinic researcher, said in a news release from the Infectious Illnesses Society of America.

What’s best for your heart, Hendrix said, is good for your brain also. .. Could Red Wine Ingredient Influence Progression of Alzheimer’s?: – FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 2015 – – High dosages of resveratrol, a compound found in red berries and wines, may have some activity against Alzheimer’s disease, an initial clinical trial suggests. Resveratrol can be an antioxidant that one plants produce to shield against stress from the environment. People ingest small amounts when they eat crimson grapes, red wine, berries or dark chocolate. Lab analysis has suggested that resveratrol may have some powers against the diseases of aging – – including Alzheimer’s disease. But evidence from human research has been lacking.