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Worldwide, over 200 million less than five years less than five years, its potential for growth, brain function and socio – emotional development rx tablets . This development process can be blocked by many factors, including poor hygiene, a large family size deficits in psychosocial stimulation and a general lack of resources. As a result, when they grow up, have children in the developing countries, the growing up in poverty are likely to be substantially lower wages than adults cemented their impoverished their impoverished country to their children.

The method with which the intervention to be taken should children’s health children’s health and well-being is extremely important. Several governments in the developing world, especially in Latin America, ever since. Conditional cash transfer programs, begun by the problems associated with poverty. To qualify, families must have an income below a certain level or live in a particular geographical area and the payment they must meet certain requirements to obtain. For example, most CCT programs provide payments depending mandatory participation in educational sessions related to preventive health care and health and nutrition. Others require school attendance for children of primary school age.

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