Patrice Desvigne-Nickens.

The analysis patients represent slightly significantly less than 50 percent of the randomized group. Furthermore, viability examining was not performed on a chosen subgroup of sufferers but randomly, rather, was obtained regarding to check availability and the judgment of the recruiting investigator. The differences in baseline characteristics between individuals who underwent viability screening and those who did not undergo such testing claim that at least some patients may have been chosen for testing on the basis of clinical elements . Second, only 114 of 601 sufferers who underwent assessment of myocardial viability were deemed never to possess viable myocardium on the basis of our prespecified criteria.It is a story you’ll likely never listen to from the mainstream media, at least not really from the perspective of being taken seriously, and yet it is one which people desperately have to hear. Rather than adhere to in the footsteps of the an incredible number of others who have dropped their lives due to all of the cutting, burning up, and poisoning, Richards produced the personal, informed decision to naturally fight breast tumor by feeding her body various cancer-fighting nutrients, and eliminating a host of cancer-causing chemicals and foods.