Proteins in urine.

A blood test for pre-eclampsia could be in the pipeline A condition in pregnancy which costs the lives of thousands of babies each year may quickly be identified by a simple blood test a long time before symptoms develop. Pre-eclampsia affects up to 1 in ten ladies in the later phases of pregnancy and areas the baby’s existence at risk – symptoms include high blood pressure, proteins in urine, swelling and in serious cases, liver problems and seizures generic viagra online . Pre-eclampsia may also affect an developing fetus by causing growth impairment in the womb and prompting a premature delivery. A fresh study suggests it could be detected as soon as the first trimester which would conserve many lives by enabling nearer monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.

And it actually took hundreds of years prior to the right scientist came along and found out that this was caused by a simple nutritional deficiency that could be cured by consuming fruits high in supplement C such as limes. Hence the name ‘limeys’ for sailors. That’s just one example of an illness caused by nutritional deficiencies. There are plenty of other diseases such as for example rickets and beriberi caused by nutritional deficiencies. Asian people who historically ate polished, processed rice frequently got beriberi, an illness the effect of a deficiency in vitamin B1 . Until the nutritional factors behind beriberi were established, however, physicians of ancient Asia thought the condition was some kind of plague. IN THE US, the word ‘redneck’ actually comes from a vitamin B insufficiency that caused heightened susceptibility to sunburns.