Sanofi-aventis announce long-term partnership for BGM solutions AgaMatrix.

‘Our unwavering message to patients, healthcare professionals and industry leaders has been that folks with diabetes need more accurate BGMs and that our WaveSense technology delivers high accuracy, so normally we are thrilled to locate a partner that shares these beliefs,’ stated Sonny Vu and Sridhar Iyengar, Co-Founders of AgaMatrix.’ SOURCE AgaMatrix, Inc.. AgaMatrix, sanofi-aventis announce long-term partnership for BGM solutions AgaMatrix, Inc. And sanofi-aventis today announced they have signed a long-term contract for the development, supply and commercialization of blood sugar monitoring solutions.The selectAZymeTM brand conveys Almac’s strong biocatalysis offering. Almac is providing a diverse, A-Z selection of enzymes including reductases, transaminases, hydrolases, nitrilases and many others. In collaboration with this customers, Almac selects the optimum enzyme to provide an cost and efficient effective process. Almac enzymes are used in the A-Z of applications from medicinal chemistry to complete production and in the manufacture of specialty chemicals. The key strength of enzymes is the high selectivity of the chemical substance reactions they catalyze, comments Dr. Tom Moody, Mind of Biocatalysis. The quick scale-up from biocatalyst screening to production prompted the recent paradigm change to bioprocessing acceptance for the formation of APIs and great chemicals.