Severe Headache During Being pregnant May Signal Trouble: THURSDAY.

The NEW CHOICE Study will evaluate tolerability and efficacy of AG200-15 to a low-dose, oral contraceptive. Women thinking about participating in the NEW CHOICE research should visit Dr. Marie Foegh, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Clinical Research and Development of Agile Therapeutics, commented, AG200-15 has been designed to maximize both security and tolerability for females, delivering EE at a dose which can provide a favorable bleeding profile. Clinicians in fact have long knowledge with both LNG and EE, which have been used in contraceptive items for over 25 years. Dr. Thomas Rossi, Agile’s President and CEO, stated, We are happy with the improvement of our business lead AG200-15 plan and the initiation of the pivotal, Phase 3 NEW CHOICE Study. We anticipate enrollment in to the research will be speedy, powered by women’s desire for greater convenience and ease of compliance in their selection of contraception.