Shareholders approve Plan and Contract of Merger with Ebix A

A.D .A.M. Shareholders approve Plan and Contract of Merger with Ebix A.D.A.M., Inc.D.A.M., Ebix, Inc. and Eden Acquisition Sub, Inc., a primary wholly owned subsidiary of Ebix.D.A.M. Common stock were voted and only the merger during the Special Meeting of Shareholders held on February 4, 2011. This vote exceeded the mandatory threshold, that was approval by a majority vote of the excellent shares. Of the shares voted, over 99 % voted and only the merger. Beneath the terms of the merger contract, at the closing of the merger, each talk about of common share of A.D.A.M. Will be changed into the right to receive 0.3122 shares of common share of Ebix. A.D.A.M. Has adequate cash on hand to meet the minimum requirements of the merger contract, so no price adjustment to the exchange ratio is essential.

The combined group included 35 brain tumor and 33 ALL survivors. On the other hand, only parental rankings of attention and social skills improved through the same period for an identical group of survivors not really taking medication. The combined group included 31 brain tumor and 23 ALL survivors. Academic skills measured by completion of mathematics, reading and spelling complications were not considerably better in either group. Conklin said that may reflect the study design, which did not assess adjustments in executive areas of school performance, including planning and organization.. ADHD medication improves childhood cancer tumor survivors: Research A medicine widely used to take care of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder also provides long-term rest from the attention and behavior adjustments that affect many childhood tumor survivors, regarding to a multicenter trial led by St.