Source: Cathy Ward Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

Source: Cathy Ward Oncolytics Biotech Inc.needlestick injuries a variety of drugs without using needles InjectGetting a shot at the doctor’s office can be less painful in the not so distant future.WITH researchers a device which delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin have designed without the use an injection needle to it. The device can be programmed a range a range of doses for various depths – an improvement over similar jet – injection systems, which are available now in commerce.

Instead application is limited to certain drugs or patient populations, says Mitragotri. [ These] design provides excellent control of jet parameters, including speed and cans. Needleless the applicability of the needleless drug devices. .

Pushing past the needleIn recent decades, researchers alternatives to alternatives to needles. For example, nicotine patches slowly release drugs through the skin. But these patches may only release drug molecules small enough to pass through the pores of the skin, creating the type of medicine that can be delivered.. Samir Mitragotri, professor of chemical engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara, is to develop new ways of medication to deliver on jet injection.The United Nations team Somalia to develop a database for all providers and revising their controlling to the delivery of aid and cash transfer be, which New York Times MacFarquhar, MacFarquhar, According to an earlier reporting urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon an independent investigation of an independent investigation into the World Food Program surgeries Somalia, of latest report of United Nations Security told Somalia began a risk management plan of action the issues problems, Reuters reported. This report was developed, told a database was that the details about the UN Services and supplier in Somalia so that it properly shielded.[ T] here to has well a revision of the internal controls over the cash transfer systems to Somalia (Charbonneau..

Nyanza Daily Nation examines the findings of the most recent AIDS of Kenya Indicators Survey the on Tuesday has publishes. The report, based on data from 2007, being the first indicator survey and second populations-based HIV sero – survey to Kenya. Time in all eight of in all eight provinces in the country below the 18,000 participants. The Nyanza Province has been found that HIV / AIDS prevalence of 14.9 %, the highest in the country, and Nairobi being a prevalence of 8.8 % for people aged between 15 to 64 years second, the paper reports are .