That is how I feel much of the time.

#17 When the number of payday lenders is definitely greater[16] than the amount of Starbucks locations, you live in a country which has gone totally insane. #18 When an illegal immigrant can get a drivers’ license[17], but the mind of a fire department of a significant U.S. City can be suspended from his job without pay for promoting sexual morality[18], you live in a country which has gone completely insane. #19 When the general public knows a lot more about Kim Kardashian than it does about the Federal Reserve[19], your home is in a country which has gone completely insane.Chicago Tribune: Foster, Senger Debate HEALTHCARE, Saturday Budget Candidates to represent the 11th Congressional District clashed. Democratic U.S. Rep. Bill Republican and Foster state Rep. Darlene Senger, Naperville residents who are vying for a seat representing elements of the west and southwest suburbs, sparred throughout a debate. When a possibility was had by them to talk to one another one question, Senger queried Foster on his vote in support of the Affordable Care Take action and the unfunded liability she said it left on the condition's shoulders. Foster stood by the law, saying millions even more are actually insured . Dold assailed Schneider as a partisan leader who's done little good for 10th District voters.