The campaign against polio is crucial to the development of Sudan medical article.

In considering the challenges presented UNICEF representative Ted Chaiban by Sudan ‘s contribution to global development have reached medical article . The campaign against polio is crucial to the development of Sudan, but also to the global effort to eradicate polio. ‘s Commitment by by health authorities, partner organizations and local volunteers, is really encouraging, said er.000 vaccinators will of home Traveling to house in every community in the country during the three-day campaign these guarantees. Of both the oral polio vaccine to all children under the age of five and vitamin A supplements to 4.9 million children aged 6 months to five years. Vitamin A is known to increase the children’s resistance to disease and prevent blindness, critical in a country with the 49th highest under-5 mortality in the world. In Southern Sudan, vaccinators will also undertake guinea worm surveillance. – Chaiban urged local authorities to ensure the security vaccinators are in parts of the country by fighting by fighting, that the security does the child’s health above all political differences that may exist in the communities it is essential that where the fighting continues, vaccinators and. Monitors safe access are ensured, and the parents will be able to present their children for vaccination. We rely on all those who have yet to conflict in Sudan, these guarantees. .

Reallymmunization Campaign to protect nearly eight million children, despite ongoing safety concernsAn estimated 7.8 million children in Sudan in the next round of polio, which begins on Sunday are targeted. Led by the Ministries of Health in Northern and South Sudan, and supported by UNICEF, WHO and other partners, the National Immunization Days to ensure that Sudan remains polio – free in 2006. However, organizers noted that the success of the campaign depends on guaranteed access for health workers.

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