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Delighted with the yield, she and her man colleague carry the waste-filled container to their car. The waste is then transported to local processing plants where it is transformed into ‘cooking food’ essential oil with the aid of additives such as animal fat and bleach. Finally, the essential oil is usually transported to corrupt food establishments in the united states and served to a large number of unsuspecting Chinese weekly. Though the majority of it ends up in street food, it’s been found in restaurants also, construction site kitchens, function canteens and college cafeterias even. Gutter oil is extremely toxicUnsurprisingly, tests have confirmed that gutter oil contains numerous toxic chemicals including aflatoxins and PAH .We intend to maintain our sites clearly centered on these areas today and the near future as we collaborate with this world-class healthcare partners to continuously deliver better healthcare solutions in Canada and around the world. Agfa HealthCare’s fresh R&D facility is strategically located in Waterloo’s high tech David Johnston Research and Technology Park, allowing the company to leverage the technical advances and the skilled human resources for which this region is recognized. Furthermore, the facility’s location in this thriving middle of commerce provides it proximity to other high tech companies.