This is a kind of Japanese Kampo made by herbs.

Kampo is definitely a Japanese historic traditional medication which follows exclusive therapeutic methods and theories originally predicated on traditional Chinese medication. Out of this, Kampo actually means the technique of the Han Dynasty. Between the 7th and 9th centuries, Kampo medication developed in Japan. About 80 percent of Japanese physicians incorporate Kampo prescriptions into their day to day practice. The three guiding principles in Japan Kampo medication are prevention, safety and simplicity. Kampo medication is patient-centred. It focuseson treating individuals and promoting well-getting in them and not on diseases. Japanese Angelica Root can be an aromatic and bitter tonic that facilitates the digestive system and clears the issues like heartburn, stomach dyspepsia and pain. It is specifically effective as antiflatulent.The root stimulates appetite.Haskal, M.D., Scott Trerotola, M.D., Bart Dolmatch, M.D., Earl Schuman, M.D., Sanford Altman, M.D., Samuel Mietling, M.D., Scott Berman, M.D., Gordon McLennan, M.D., Clayton Trimmer, D.O., John Ross, M.D., and Thomas Vesely, M.D.: Stent Graft versus Balloon Angioplasty for Failing Dialysis-Access Grafts By 2008, more than 341,000 sufferers in the United States were undergoing hemodialysis for treatment of their end-stage renal disease.1 The National Kidney Foundation Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative seeks to increase the usage of autogenous fistulas, yet many sufferers continue to undergo hemodialysis by using prosthetic arteriovenous grafts.