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The American Pharmacists Association Supports Consumer Education About OTC medicinespharmacists play an important role in providing information to patients on prescription and over-the – counter treatment options. This is particularly important, since the number of OTC medications grow with new forms of drugs . Earlier only with a prescription from a doctor.

Just this year, new allergy and weight loss treatment options were from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration In fact without a prescription. In fact, today the FDA, the most prescribed allergy treatment* in the U.S. For use without a prescription and it will soon be available in pharmacies nationwide The FDA approval of a new over-the-counter treatment of allergies pharmacists with another opportunity to offer patients with questions about the various treatment options available to assist them, said APHA President and community pharmacist, Winnie Landis. We are delighted that pharmacists can play such an important role in this consumer education. And patient care, increased availability and range of OTC medications gives patients more freedom treatment option that treatment option that works for them pharmacists are required in a significant part play play appropriate use of prescription and OTC medicines pharmacist. , reported on average that they are about OTC medications 33 – times week** and to tell 70 per cent of consumers that most of the time she asked to accept the pharmacist recommendation.***.

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