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Patients concerned with out-of-pocket medication costs often limit their prescription drug use, according to background info in the article. Because chronically ill sufferers take multiple medications frequently, they are especially susceptible to the strain from drug costs, the article states. The underuse of important medications, including cholesterol-lowering medicines, heart medications, asthma antipsychotics and medications, has been associated with increased emergency division visits, nursing home admissions, acute psychiatric hospitalizations, and a decrease in self-reported health status, according to the content. John D. Piette, Ph.D., from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and colleagues surveyed 660 ill adults nationwide who had reported underusing medication the entire year before because of cost.The largest part of the cystine and cysteine demand presently is met by producers who extract these amino acids from recycleables of pet origin. ‘Our customers around the world are a lot more sensitive to the type and quality of recycleables used in meals, pharma and cosmetic creation,’ stated Mike Lish, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ajinomoto. ‘As the global leader in the amino acid fermentation production, adding this capability is an all natural extension for Ajinomoto.’ After the expansion, Ajinomoto shall continue to produce some cystine and cysteine which consists of current chemical synthesis process, completed by Nippon Protein Firm, a wholly owned affiliate marketer of the company. Ajinomoto will not use sources of animal origin in its cystine and cysteine production.