Which was based on an extremely poorly conducted study.

In a recent launch, the Alliance for Natural Health explains, in detail, why the Iowa Women’s Health Study, which was released in the journal Archives of Internal Medication and utilized by the mainstream press to allege that taking vitamin supplements is associated with increased mortality, is manipulated essentially, pseudo-scientific nonsense. In case it was missed by you, you can read all about the vitamin research fraud-fest at the following link: Among the main element factors in ANH’s rebuttal to the analysis is the truth that its data had to be ‘massaged’ in order to reach the results it did. In reality, the study team actually found that vitamins and supplements help to prolong life, not decrease it.Factors associated with longer survival included younger age and having an early stage and low-grade tumor, the results showed. Some of these elements are known to be inter-related, stated Michael Bookman, medical gynecologic oncologist at Arizona Oncology and director of the gynecologic oncology research program at US Oncology Research. For instance, younger patients tend to have low-grade tumors. Also affecting survival, he added, is how much cancer remains following the initial surgery. The brand new study, he said, reinforces these points basically, emphasizing the importance of stage, age, tumor quality and tumor type.