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‘As the new health care regulation rolls out over another four years, we’ll continue to make sure that people understand how it’ll affect them. THE BUSINESS will now look to complement its existing item launch in Europe with preparation for initial sales in the US. ‘This is a substantial milestone for the Company as we increase into global markets and further develop our range of regenerative tissue products for commercialisation and sale.’ said Mr.All participating sufferers provided written educated consent. Study Procedures Individuals were randomly assigned in a 1:4:4 ratio to 1 of the following three strategies: pulmonary-vein isolation alone , pulmonary-vein isolation as well as ablation of complex fractionated electrograms , or pulmonary-vein isolation plus linear ablation over the roof of the still left atrium and in the mitral valve isthmus . Randomization was performed with the use of an automated telephone program and stratified according to review site. Patients were unaware of the ablation strategy. Before ablation, treatment with antiarrhythmic medications was stopped and sufferers received oral anticoagulation for at least four weeks. Ablation was performed by using radiofrequency energy delivered by a catheter with an open, irrigated tip.