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One feasible explanation is that these patients were suspected to have tuberculosis and were began on tuberculosis medications but didn’t actually get a definitive medical diagnosis of tuberculosis. Without a tuberculosis diagnosis, many were not followed up because of this disease. MDR tuberculosis developed in some of these patients if they took their medicines improperly. Recently, the WHO recommended the use of the GeneXpert program to evaluate individuals who are suspected to possess MDR tuberculosis and those with unfavorable sputum smears for acid-fast bacilli.30,31 The use of this diagnostic program can offer a definitive medical diagnosis for nearly all patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent information service, is a scheduled plan of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research firm unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Kitt Falk Petersen, M.D., Sylvie Dufour, Ph.D., Ali Hariri, M.D., Carol Nelson-Williams, M.S., Jia Nee Foo, Ph.D., Xian-Man Zhang, Ph.D., James Dziura, Ph.D., Richard P. Lifton, M.D., Ph.D., and Gerald I. Shulman, M.D., Ph.D.: Apolipoprotein C3 Gene Variants in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Several studies have shown a strong relationship among nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatic insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.1-3 Whether there exists a genetic basis because of this association remains unknown.